Hockey Skills Training

All sessions will consist of professional training. Each skills station we will maximize each training tool. This will help each player develop their all around skills set.

Location: New England Sports Village, 1395A Commerce Way, Attleboro, MA 02703


1 hour session per week 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm
10 sessions $550
12 sessions $600

2 hour sessions per week 5pm to 7pm or 6pm to 8pm
10 sessions $ $1000
12 sessions $ 1125

Maximum number per group 16 4 skaters per each area. Groups can pick what skills training they want.

Four areas of skill training

  1. rapid hands/puck control
  2. rapid shooting
  3. hockey skating
  4. mini skill/battle rink

Email for more information.

Matt Rogers   5 Dundee Park Dr, Andover, MA 01810

The owner of Rogers Edge, Matt Rogers, is a former 6 year professional player and the former skating and skills coach of the Buffalo Sabers organization. He has over 10 years of experience working with players at every level from Mites to the NHL and several player from Orr Hockey Group. That experience includes ice hockey camps, clinics, treadmill training and coaching. Matt is proud to work with a number of elite and AAA programs all across the U.S. and Canada.